Kingdom Leadership Institute

Training you to be all who God created you to be.

Global Vision

Kingdom Leadership Institute operates in the nations. The North American home base trains with international implications and interests in mind. This model trains leaders to function at an international level.

Building Kingdom Leaders

Jesus, Paul, and others established the kingdom of God. They called people to new life. They turned kingdom people into kingdom leaders. Kingdom influence expanded through these kingdom leaders.

Made for you

We train you to be all who God created you to be. This is not an effort to make you someone else. This is not personal identity built upon ministry. This is preparing you to be the person who can fulfill your purpose.

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When you purchase a course you have the option to purchase for MS Credits (Measurements of Standing) towards a degree, or you can audit a course for a smaller fee without receiving credit.

If you decide to pursue a degree later, simply pay the difference and we will update your credits!

You can get a free "preview" lesson with any of the courses listed here. Just click on the first lesson!

Prepare for growth & maturity.

Consider how expanding ministry will impact your marriage, family, ministry and leadership future. Learn more about kingdom leadership and see discipling others as essential to personal purpose fulfillment.

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