Start here. Get there. Are you ready?

Vision of KLI

Kingdom Leadership Institute begins with your destiny and calling and prepares you for leadership in the kingdom of God. While KLI operates in the nations, the strategy of KLI is individualized. We train with a fathering spirit of leadership. We father fathers.

We have been doing this at the North America home base for fifteen years. We train individual kingdom leaders, beginning where you are and taking you to where you are called to be, to function at the international level in your assignments. That level of spiritual power and authority becomes available at the personal, ministry, and regional level.

Your leadership training can begin training at any level of spiritual and ministry maturity. We start where you are with what you do. We train you in Leadership as Jesus designed and defined kingdom leadership preparation in answer to the five aspects of the ministry and leadership of Jesus.

All courses answer to the student’s Created disposition, Kingdom calling, Spiritual gifting, and Providential pathway. You can function in any aspect of culture once you learn to function in kingdom culture, and we honor kingdom leaders from every walk of life. Students come from many professions and occupations.

We award measurements of achievement and training based upon the accumulation of experience and maturity as "measurements of standing" toward our diploma degrees. We award diploma degrees in Kingdom Leadership.

We instruct and impart. We chart the discipling progress and preparation of our students. We function in alliance with regional satellites who share our fathering spirit. We maintain formal records and award diploma degrees of achievement in kingdom leadership.

Start here. Get there. Are you ready?