Apply to Kingdom Learning Institute

When a new student applies to KLI, they will provide a detailed application and summary of ministry experi­ence, previous training, and formal diploma completion.

When reviewing the application, the Dean will provide to the student an initial “measurement of standing” (or MS) based upon practical ministry experience and previous training, both secular and religious. This might mean a student enters any one of the three diploma levels (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) with advanced standing.

The initial application fee is $25.

Once accepted to KLI, the acceptance fee is $100. This one-time fee puts everything in place. Your student record begins to accumulate MS. Once we give you, the student, placement into KLI, your student record adds MS to the initial number.

You will receive the initial placement without paying tuition for the MS granted with your acceptance. For example, upon acceptance, a new KLI student is granted 60 MS for his life work, ministry, education. The $100 acceptance fee pays the tuition for those 60 MS. You are able then to begin accumulating the MS you needs to complete the degree, paying appropriate tuition from that point on.

Life experience is a valid measurement of kingdom leadership preparation. The initial placement honors what God has done and is doing through a person’s leadership. The Bible measures expertise and experience for leadership. We assume that every student in ministry is accountable to leaders for ministry experience.

This kingdom leadership institute follows the principles, processes and protocols of kingdom culture. We wish to know that the students matriculated are representing the King in life and lifestyle.


A $25 application and placement fee will accompany your initial application form which includes a request for ministry experience, and any previous training and schooling.

Once accepted and the Dean has responded with your placement and your pathway to graduation, a one-time acceptance fee of $100 will be due.