Measurements of Standing

Measurements of Standing (MS)

Throughout the KLI website you'll notice the term MS or MS credit where our courses are mentioned.

We award Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees by “measures of standing” or MS. Our academic units, MS, accumulate which serves as the basis for awarding diplomas. Specific required courses for completion of diplomas are those basic to our mission. The accumulation of MS includes some essential elements of preparation for kingdom leadership. Each course lists the MS provided by completion of that course. Reading assignments are optional but add MS toward completion.

Liberal arts education provides educational essentials for social leaders in western culture. Preparing educated leaders for social participation includes the basics of that culture.

We provide the basics of kingdom culture leadership. We provide advanced and specific training for kingdom leaders. We measure this by diploma degrees.

The leadership of Jesus produced kingdom leaders who could function at an international level. Those leaders prepared and positioned others. Kingdom leaders prepare and position the building bricks, body parts and Bride adornment of the Ecclesia. So the curriculum prepares and positions kingdom leaders for kingdom leadership.