Are you a Kingdom Leader?

Are You a Kingdom Leader?

Jesus, Paul, and others established the kingdom of God. They called people to new life. They turned kingdom people into kingdom leaders. Kingdom influence expanded through these kingdom leaders.

We do now what they did then.

Jesus bestowed five leadership dynamics upon His Ecclesia. Apostle. Prophet. Teacher. Shepherd. Evangel. We observe this measurement of kingdom leaders in those we prepare.

We train leaders who realize the time for a New Era Reformation has arrived. A new training paradigm is needed.

We prepare kingdom leaders. We position kingdom leaders. This fulfills the Great Commission.

Jesus says, “As you continue the journey we’ve begun together – wherever you go – disciple cultures, baptizing them in the Name and Authority God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- while influencing them to live the principles and protocols I have taught you. Be aware! I am with you without a break or pause until the age reaches its ultimate.” The Great Commission [from Matthew 28:19]