Tuition & Fees

How does Tuition Work?

Leadership training should not be free. We assume that the training will be costly and that students will pay tuition and fees. The training they receive carries a value far too costly to put into monetary units. To honor the training process, we set the tuition, but also price it in reach for every nation.

MS (measurements of standing) units are $25 US each. Courses may provide the opportunity to earn between 3-7 MS so a typical course will cost $75 – $175. The Dean presents a fee schedule with the pathway to graduation for each student. Other costs may include expenses for conferences and mission trips.

We offer more MS earning opportunities for reading and practical leadership projects. Master’s and Doctorate degrees include a greater level of previous experience and training. They also assume more opportunity for ministry projects.

To earn one MS course unit, you may read a book related to the topic of the course and submit a book report. Remember to select books totaling at least 500 pages and can be multiple books of the same topic. The book report submitted must be double-spaced and at least two pages.

Graduation accumulation of MS for the levels are:

  • Bachelor’s of Kingdom Leadership, 120 MS
  • Master’s of Kingdom Leadership, 120 MS
  • Doctorate of Kingdom Leadership, 100 MS

If a student enters the process of Bachelor’s of Kingdom Leadership with 40 MS, he or she would complete 80 MS more for graduation. Tuition is paid in full for each course or class at the time of enrollment. The student is responsible to pay all fees before graduation.

Not Quite ready for College?

We understand! That's why we offer the ability to audit a number of our courses. You can gain access to a course and still receive the training and teaching. We offer this at a discounted rate because it does not come with MS credit.

If you decide to begin pursuing a degree with KLI in the future, you can simply pay the difference on the courses you've completed fully and receive the MS credit towards your degree!