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We begin with the Creator. The Potter forms the clay. The Potter may even crush the clay to completely reorder the clay. When He does, He restores the clay to what He created it to be.

The Creator has a blueprint. Father originates the blueprint. Jesus creates what Father wants. Holy Spirit leads each of us to become that person so we can fulfill the calling. Before your mother knew you were there, God knew you. He formed you with a created disposition and invested you with a kingdom calling.

When you were filled with His Spirit, He activated charismatic grace flows we call “gifts.” These are spiritual capacities that match the disposition and calling and connect to the anointings we receive.

Our personal leadership begins with submission to God’s leadership. But, we learn submission through fathering leadership. We either learn this submission or we fall short of purpose.

Dr Don Lynch brings more than four decades of leadership experience to this course. He will walk you through the measurement of personal leadership. He will instill confidence in God’s involvement in your life. He will locate you within the kingdom so you can submit to the strategy of God.

This is a core Kingdom Leadership Institute course that every kingdom leader needs, recorded in Jacksonville FL in May 2018.

4 MS Credits