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“This word, ekklesia, has caused confusion among both church leaders and members. When a definition is given, it is often vague and usually derived from echoing others. This word embraces a mystery few know how to unlock. An exploration of the biblical origin and subsequent usage in the scriptures is necessary to reveal the intended purpose of the ekklesia. What does it really mean? What is its foundational function? How does it differ from our contemporary churches? The dynamics of answering these questions and more require an in-depth study of biblical history, colloquialism, and language. Dr. Don will help you remove a non-scriptural foundation that has supported the modern church and replace it with a scriptural understanding of the foundation of the Original Ekklesia. He presents the back story, the present condition, and the future of the ekklesia and the necessity for a blueprint for the church to move forward with proper kingdom mindset. Reformation for the new era is essential.”–Apostle Joanne Bush

This was the last KLI course Dr Don recorded before he graduated to his heavenly home on February 19, 2022.